10 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Mobile Phone Case

How many of us would be able to live without our mobile phone? I, for one, would be lost literally completely lost without my iPhone because I use the GPS to get just about everywhere. And a durable, functional mobile phone case is a must-have for me because I've dropped and cracked my phone more than once or twice...okay, I'll admit it. It's been closer to half a dozen times.






 Check out these 10 reasons why 

  1. Shows off your unique style - We believe your phone case should show the world just who you are. Most mobile phone cases are functional and protective, but…well…boring. Our mobile phone cases are designed with style in mind. From inspirational quotes, skulls, mandalas and pop culture television icons, you're sure to find a mobile phone case, or two, that you'll love.

  2. Protects your mobile phone – Our mobile phone cases come in a variety of materials, like silicone, leather, and wood that help keep your mobile phone safe while you're carrying it. We have experienced the feeling devastation after dropping our brand new mobile phone on the floor. A mobile phone case can prevent breaks when an accidental drop occurs, saving you from the heartache of damaging your mobile phone. Whether you have an iPhone, Samsung or LG, we have a range of phone protection levels from light shell covers to water resistant leather to durable wood. 

  3. Collecting phone cases is fun – Consider all the things you love. If you love books, coffee, popular television and funny quotes, we have a mobile phone case for you. If you're a sports fan or a certified nerd, we have a phone case for you. Do you have a more laid back style? We have a case for you too! Once you get started collecting mobile phone cases, it may be difficult to stop. But one major advantage of collecting phone cases is that you will always have a spare on hand if one of your phone cases becomes dirty or needs replacing. 

  4. Mobile phone cases are versatile – Mobile phone cases offer versatility in terms of personalization. You can alter your phones appearance depending on your mood, season, occasion, lifestyle, fashion trends and more. All you have to do is choose the perfect mobile phone case from your mobile phone collection, insert your mobile phone and go. 

  5. Gives new life to old mobile phones – Give your mobile phone an overhaul, especially if it's in bad condition due to scratches, dirt, dust and accidental drops. A mobile phone case will cover the imperfections, giving your old mobile phone new life. And at a great price too. While many mobiles phones range in the hundreds of dollars, a new mobile phone case are so affordable you can buy several; so you can save money and keep your old phone longer.

  6. Save money on your mobile phone – An inexpensive mobile phone case can absorb damage and prevent your phone from scratches and cracks, even if the case breaks in the process of protecting your mobile phone. Mobile phone cases are convenient, inexpensive, and easy to replace. Let the mobile phone case give up its life to protect your phone. Fixing or replacing your mobile phone is a time consuming hassle and can be expensive. Buying one or two of our mobile phone cases is inexpensive, easy and fun.

  7. Improves mobile phone functionality – A mobile phone case can improve the functionality of your phone by allowing you to use your phone hands free. Many of our mobile phone cases come with a feature to mount the phone on the dashboard while you’re driving. This is a wonderful feature, especially if you’re using GPS to navigate to the airport, library, or your favorite bookstore. Some of our phone cases have stands that allow your phone to be used in the vertical or horizontal position, which is perfect for watching movies, reading or binge watching Netflix. 

  8. You’re in control – Changing the look of your mobile phone is completely in your control. There’s no need to meet with a mobile phone sales person or even leave the comfort of your own home to buy mobile phone cases. All our exclusive mobile phone case designs are available for you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And if you’re not finding the perfect mobile phone case, check out our collection of custom personalized mobile phone cases.

  9. Vintage designs for new mobile phone technology – The look of modern mobile phones can be cold and futuristic, which is wonderful if that’s the look you’re going for.  But our mobile phone case selection offers a variety of classic and vintage styles to take the look of your mobile phone into the past. From classic looking wood to the look of a faded book cover, our vintage mobile case designs offers endless possibilities. 

  10. Second skin for your mobile phone – Mobile phone case designs can be slim, not adding extra weight and thickness to your mobile phone. Our slim mobile phone cases will fit your mobile phone perfectly while allowing access to your phone’s camera, speaker, battery charging ports and buttons. 

And there’s the 10 reasons why you should buy a mobile phone case…or two…or three. Thank you for reading. Happy Shopping!


 Author: Erinn Dominguez is a mobile device case designer and e-commerce entrepreneur with Aquarian Gardens CO Gifts & Accessories. Visit her page on Facebook CrytsalChicCases